SIGMO at CASEF! We got second place in engineering!

SIGMO won first place in engineering and placed first overall at the Fannett-Metal District Science Fair.

synthetic-Superior design and fabrication set SIGMO in a class of its own. Innovative technologies distinguish SIGMO from older prototypes.

intelligent-SIGMO uses breakthrough technologies to create an efficicent domestic robot. Extensive Artificial Intelligence (AI) features allow SIGMO to interact in human environments.

mobility-Mobility is a key factor in the design of SIGMO. The rapid response structure ensures safe travel on various terrain.

robotic efficiency-SIGMO utilizes passive-dynamic technologies to create energy efficient mobility. Studies of this breakthrough discovery are being applied to the field of prosthetic limbs to create advanced prototypes. These prosthetics will use energy efficicent technology which will allow them to feel more realistic and actually increase performance and reliability.

Project SIGMO endeavors to expand upon previous research to reach new levels of technological expertise. New developments in this intriguing field have made it possible to begin work on a humanoid robot which has efficiency nearly matching that of the humans it emulates.

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